Company safety is crucial for protecting employees from harm and ensuring a healthy work environment. It involves implementing measures to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace, as well as promoting safe work practices and providing necessary training and equipment.

Man Lifts such as Danka and Genie Push Around Lift
Weekly toolbox presentations emphasizing important and contemporary issues in our sector
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Man Lifts – Articulating and Telescope Booms, Rough Terrain and Electric Scissor Lifts, and Specialty
Safety plans tailored to a project
Confined Space – Entry, Attendee, and Supervisor
Corporate Health and Safety Plan
Pre-task preparation by the field foreman and the workforce
Hazard safety coaching
Each worker has a 30 hour OSHA card, and each foreman has a 30 hour card
Fit test, coaching, and medical evaluation & All personnel receive yearly safety training that covers a variety of topics


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